Microdermabrasion with the REVIDERM Skin Peeler

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Areas of application

Controlled Microdermabrasion with the REVIDERM Skin Peeler is a modern technique for treating the skin gently and successfully.

The range of applications is very broad, because the REVIDERM Skin Peeler can quickly and safely repair many different problems related to the biological regeneration of the skin.

Microdermabrasion is ideally suited to treating the following indications:

  • Horny Layers (Hyperkeratosis)
  • Before any active agent and general skin regeneration treatment.
  • Atrophic and aging skin
  • UV Light and sun damaged skin
  • Pigmentation disorders and age spots
  • Skin impurities and acne scars
  • Body treatments for striae, stretch marks and cellulite
  • Scars of every type on the face and body



The success of controlled Microdermabrasion lies within the functionality of the REVIDERM Skin Peeler. Through the flow of corundum peeling crystals, the upper skin layer is removed in a controlled, gentle way.

The targeted abrasion of the upper skin layer (stratum corneum), leads to increased growth in young functional skin cells in the basal cell layer. These cells migrate to the upper layers, gradually replacing the damaged tissue. Regeneration of the skin takes place from within.

The REVIDERM Skin Peeler is safe and simple in application. The following advantages are of specific significance for its application in the salon:

  • The Skin Peeler can be used by aestheticians.
  • The treatment is completely painless.
  • The customer is not restricted in normal daily activities (no redness)
  • The treatment is gentle and pleasant.
  • Results are immediately visible and improve with every treatment.
  • Due to the gentle treatment process, the biologically-controlled renewal process of the skin is greatly increased.
  • Treatments can be matched exactly to the special needs of the skin.
  • The length and frequency of treatments can be matched to individual requirements.


Mode of Operation

The REVIDERM Skin Peeler offers a sophisticated form of Microdermabrasion. It is a special machine with a vacuum device and a hand piece, which has an exchangeable treatment tip at the end. A slight suction is exerted on the part of the skin being treated, and at the same time a controlled flow of corundum crystals carries out the abrasion. The crystals are then sucked into the hand piece along with the dead skin cells and are then collected in the used crystal container.

A control mechanism allows the vacuum pressure to be adjusted for the required mode of operation and depth of abrasion, (Controlled Microdermabrasion). After the adjustment of the vacuum pressure for the abrasion, according to therapeutic aim, the Skin Peeler ensures a gentle and controlled Microdermabrasion.

With controlled Microdermabrasion, possible wounding is avoided, which can be caused by the traditional ‘rotating head’ abrasion technique. Instead the skin is gently abraded with a chosen strength and depth by the means of fine crystals.


The Effects

According to clinical studies in the USA and Italy, the following effects were established after the implementation of several controlled Microdermabrasion treatments:

  • Stimulation of cell renewal in the epidermis.
  • Significant increase in the thickness of the epidermis and the dermis.
  • Increase in local blood circulation of the skin.
  • Significant increase in the absorption of externally applied active agents.

This is the result of the exfoliation (abrasion) of the horny layer and is therefore the best pre-conditions for the effective penetration of active agents deep into the skin.